Improve Your Mood

Let’s talk about five things that you could do you right now that could improve your mood. This can be something you do to lift your spirits or even to turn the day or the moment around, right now.

Change Your Scenery

 If you can, go outside this very moment and feel the elements against your face. Does the air feel warm or does it feel cold and crisp. Really get in touch with how it feels to be outside.  Just be here now – in this second and then this one, and this one.
Now take a moment and listen to the sounds, the sounds of life around you. What can you hear? Are there birds? Maybe someone laughing or chatting? Can you hear the squirrels scurrying in the trees? What about the sounds of every day life? Cars? The ocean. Just listen… Is it quiet and still or is it noisy as the hustle and bustle of life moves on around you.
Take a deep breath in and lift your eyes and your arms up to the skies and say thank you.. thank you. Pour out all the things you are greatful for at that very moment. Do it quietly if you need to, but do it.

Treat Yourself

Taste invokes memories. So treat yourself to a tasty snack or even your favorite beverage. What is it that you like so much about it? What good feelings are associated with that item? How does it make you feel?

Clear Your Energy

Now clear your energy space. Look around your office or home and find your favorite spot. If it’s cluttered, spend a few moments clearing that clutter. Move things around to invoke joy in that space. Know why that space feels good and ponder that thought for a moment.

Open Your Heart

Think about someone that you love. Shut your eyes for a moment and think about the joy that they bring you. They can be living or passed, it does not matter. That thought process opens your heart and connects you with your very Soul. When you are holding that moment in your mind, what would that person be saying to you to make you feel better right now? Would you like to set a joy trigger point? What does that mean? Everytime you need to feel better you can have that joy energy literally at the tip of your finger. Point your index finger on your right hand. Press firmly down on the first knuckle on your left hand. Now think about this wonderful joyful experience. Really experience it in your heart. How does it make you feel? What can you hear as your are thinking about it? What are the colors associated with it. See it in technicolor. As soon as the thought starts to fade, lift your finger.  For some unknown reason this “trigger point” can make you feel better each time you sit quietly and touch that point. It can be reinforced each time you have a joyful moment. Remember to set the trigger so you can invoke it at will.
It gets easier and easier to feel joyful once you reinforce this habit. Try it now. I don’t know why it works, but it does.

“Mountain Top” Experiences

Make a list of the 10 things that are your “mountain top” experiences. Your mountain top experience could be a great achievement, graduating perhaps? Maybe its a trip that you took that felt amazing? A new experience even or a time when you were so inspired. It could be a time with family or a special childhood experience. Write them down and keep them handy so you can change your mood every time you think about them.


Now take stock and see that your mood has improved. Spark joy everyday. When you change your mind, you can change your life and change your relationship with others.