How to Make Money Online from Home

This is my story. I was selling real estate, but it did not cover all the needs of my family. Good months, bad months – not unlike today’s real estate market.  I spent hours and hours driving around showing clients homes and my two baby girls stayed at home with the sitter. My husband had to step in on weekends because, you guessed it – I was too busy showing homes, trying to make money. It broke my heart to miss out on all the wonderful things my two little girls did – but how could I make money online from home? How?

#1 Write Content for Other People’s Businesses

I knew about real estate. I knew the questions that people asked about and I wrote blog posts answering those questions. Here is an example: A seller would want to know how he could get the most money for his home. I would literally write the answer in a blog post:-

How Can You Get The Most Money For Your Home?

1. Curb Appeal – Then I’d write about cheering up the front porch, adding pretty hanging baskets, cleaning up the front yard, mowing the lawn and painting the porch and window surrounds and power washing the outside and the driveway. The garage doors may need washing or painting and the outside pressure washed. The post box replaced or painted and smart looking. The house needed to look good from the curb so that buyers wanted to come in

2. Declutter – etc

3. Repairs and maintenance

4. Pets etc

You get the picture.

Then I’d contact agents and sell them my work for cash. Soon enough I had a few clients and they would often ask if I could do their newsletter, or email blasts and before I knew it I was earning a couple of hundred dollars from them each month and quite a comfortable living.

You could adapt this method to any industry that you work in. What do you know a lot about? Write about it! Sell the content.


#2 Make Canva Templates and Sell Them

This is a great way to make money online from home if you are creative. Canva is such an incredible tool and the tutorials are right there in Canva. There is also a great facebook group to help you learn.

Because I know the real estate industry, I made templates for real estate agents. I designed social media posts, newsletter templates, website pages, open house notices, post cards, year end calendars and ebooks. I had lots of fun being creative and people paid me for them – you can do that too. Use the industry you know about and contact the relevant companies and share your services. This could be a one-off package for a year or could be a quarterly service.


#3 T Shirt Business

My family are horse crazy people. I would go with them to horse shows and literally wish I could be doing something else. I bought a heat transfer machine and bought in good quality T Shirts. I would purchase heat transfer pictures, attach them to T shirts and sell them for a profit in a little pop up shop at the horse show – of course with permission from the organizers. I also branched out and did screen printed T Shirts with slogans on and Peak Caps with embroidered horse pics and stable yard and club names. It was a good business and made money for me on weekends. It was a bit of trial and error in the beginning knowing how many of each size to make, but it ended up being a really good little business bringing in over $1000 every weekend. Of course there is a lot of prep and packing my “shop” into my car every week end was an art.


#4 Affiliate Marketing – I saved the best option for last! >>>

I decided to try affiliate marketing too. It was definitely going to be more cost effective and I could work from home with a small capital start up. I researched a lot. I was scared I was going to be scammed or I would fail again. After much research I joined Wealthy Affiliate and started on their beginners classes free of charge and without even adding a credit card.

Phenomenal. I was able to go to the FREE lessons, build a blog using step by step guided classes. I learnt to write keyword rich content and to get my websites indexed and I learnt how to rank on Google. This is what the process looks like.

Wealthy Affiliate Getting Started

Inside the WA community there are so many wonderful success stories and every day there are new ones.

Have you ever dreamt of being financially free, earning money while you sleep. Being able to spend time playing with your children or grandchildren, spending time with loved ones or even traveling the world while you work off your laptop. The most fun thing is that I love to travel. I got to pack my laptop and take my work with and in an hour or two a day I kept on writing and earning. I could take days off and my website would still earn money. It’s been a wonderful, wonderful journey. I am 60 and if I can do it – believe me – you can do it. It is simple! I am still growing this business. It’s really an incredible opportunity and a legitimate one. I work on it to keep it growing every day and one day my websites will create multiple streams of income. I worked off a free account and only decided to upgrade 2 years later. I was serious about real money and only then did I upgrade my account and become a premium user, which cost me $49 per month. I actually waited for the black friday sale and got it for a great discount and paid for a year upfront. It’s worth every penny. No rush – one day when you believe in the system and you are sure you are going to be able to do it. Try it before you buy it without an expiry date.

These are some of the stories I see every single day and it keeps me motivated! I know I will be financially free!

#1 “This profession – our profession – is a magnificent one” – Read it Here

Content Marketing and Affiliate Marketing keeps growing

#2 “Do the Work – Get Paid For Years to Come” – Read it Here

#3 “Realistically, a newbie with no skills or previous experience can expect something like $500 to $1000 a month after the first year in business. This means that your investment, those $588 would pay off just from one month’s affiliate income.

The rest is PURE PROFIT! – Read it Here

Income Statement Wealthy Affiliate - Make Money Online at Home

There are thousands more stories like this – Don’t waste your precious life without being your own boss and earning your own income. It’s the most freeing thing you will ever know.

There are also so many wonderful classes you get free as a Wealthy Affiliate premium member.

I have learnt so much

From Creating a Successful Business Online

To Finding a Niche

Finding a Niche

Cracking The Research Code

How to Make Money Online From Home With Cracking The Code

Making Money Online at Home.

There is incredible support every day in this business and you never have to do it alone. If you do the work – you will get the results.

Anyway – it’s over to you now. What are you going to choose to do – go back to your safety net or add a new side hustle that can become your main hustle and then you are FREE.

I don’t expect you to sign up to Wealthy Affiliate premium yet – I just would like you to be financially free – just start somewhere. You can do it! I am 60 for heavens sake and if I can do it – you can too! I have faith in you! Reach out to me anytime.

Here is a FREE version for you to try – don’t miss out – I wasted years!Make Money Online From The Home With Wealthy Affiliate