What are the Lessons Learned in Life?

When I was a young girl, and I’m sure mothers will relate, we heard lot’s of information from our parents and our grandparents. Some of the lessons learned were from great advice. Much of that has dated over the years and some not congruent with modern life. When I look back on the things that have changed, these lessons learned in life are ever evolving. What might be good advice today may be obsolete in the next decade. We evolve and grow and it’s okay to flow with it.

These are the lessons I wish I had learned early in life.

These are the lessons I would teach my sisterhood.
  1. Do not get married too young. Find out who you are first
  2. Stick to an exercise routine – Its easier to maintain than it is to start again
  3. There are toxic people everywhere . Shield yourself.
  4. Moisturize your skin – it’s too late to care for it later.
  5. Drink water – when you age, your body needs it and its hard to get back into drinking water later.
  6. It’s ok to go to counseling. Sometimes you just need to unload and it’s important to keep good mental health
  7. Medications have side affects. Fix the cause, don’t band aid it. Your body deserves more
  8. Live your life, not someone else’s. Make your choices – good or bad – life is one big lesson. No one wins.
  9. Look after your teeth – once they are in bad shape, they are expensive to mend. Does anyone really want dentures?
  10. Travel while you are young. The life lessons you will learn will give you so much worldly knowledge and cultural understanding. It makes you a better person.
  11. Don’t smoke. Apart from the serious health issues further along in life and besides you have an odor and who likes smelly people? Have you kissed a smoker? Yuck!
  12. Do pelvic floor exercises. You will thank your younger self for starting early. Keep doing them your whole life through.
  13. If he/she doesn’t want to marry you – he/she loves themself more than you. They is using you. Run like hell away. You deserve more.
  14. Keep your standards high. You deserve to be respected.
  15. Being overweight leads to many health and societal issues – keep your body in a healthy state and never stop moving.
  16. Apply sunscreen – it’s more beneficial than you know.
  17. Sleep. It’s such an important part of your health. It heals your brain and your body and you deserve your good health
  18. Alcohol is moderation. A fun time here and there is needed, but don’t make it the default.
  19. Stand up straight. It will save you years of health issues later. Visit the chiropractor regularly.
  20. Believe in yourself. You are more capable than you know.
  21. Figure out how to deal with stress – meditation versus medication. Eat clean.
  22. Take good care of yourself – your body will last your whole lifetime and you don’t want it to break down and cripple your lifestyle.
  23. Save a certain amount of money each month – it’s wonderful to be able to book the trip or buy something you really want when you need it. If you have money in the bank – you can rule your own life.
  24. Don’t get into credit card debt. You need a credit card to build your credit but what you buy in the month on credit – pay the full balance back at the end of each month. IMPORTANT
  25. Lust is not love. Don’t make a life built on a non loving relationship.
  26. How a boy treats him Mom will tell you what he will be like as a husband.
  27. Don’t belittle your parents – they have tried their best and they too have lessons to learn. Life has not always been easy.
  28. Choose your friends carefully. The ones you really to are your forever friends. The ones who come and go as they please are using you. Your sisterhood are very important when you get older. You need them. Keep up with your true girlfriends.
  29. Do not hoard. Throw away the moment you don’t want it anymore. Don’t let it pass through your fingers twice.
  30. Binge buying causes all sorts of issues and is detrimental to your mental health, welfare and opinion of yourself. You don’t need it. As a rule of thumb “sleep on the idea” and go back in a day or two and get it if you are sure. Most times I don’t go back the next day! It would have been an impulse buy.
  31. Take care of your hair. Take your vitamins and if you notice it’s not doing well, get it checked. It’s a challenge to loose your hair as a female in society.
  32. Feed your Soul with beautiful people and joy every day. Be grateful always – it has a funny way of improving your life!
  33. Be a good listener, but don’t become the psychologist – some people will take advantage if you listen too long.
  34. Your intuition is always right. Go with the gut feel about any situation or anything.
  35. If you gossip you need to face the consequences. Keep your mouth clean and your nose out of other peoples business.
  36. Don’t stay in a bad relationship. Get the hell out. It’s more mentally damaging than you think.
  37. If you are unsure about something important – find out more before you decide. Do little – do nothing ’til you are confident about your decision, but make the decision because it frees your mind.
  38. Whatever you go through, you can get through. The big picture is a great way to look at life.
  39. If you hate your job – leave – your life is too short to do stuff you don’t want to do
  40. Wear sunglasses – they protect your eyes for the future.
  41. It’s ok to say no. It’s your life and you get to live it. Don’t be someone else’s puppet.
  42. Take every opportunity you can. If it feels right – do it. Have no regrets.
  43. Tackle the tough things first in your day, because the day gets lighter and more fun
  44. Find mentors for things you need to know more about. People will help you if you ask.
  45. You cannot change other people. The only person you have control of, is you.
  46. What goes around, comes around – never forget those words. What you say / do to others reverberates.
  47. Never condescend others – rather uplift and encourage them – you have not walked in their shoes.
  48. Don’t feel you have to do things the way things should be done. Do you. Be you.
  49. When you get into a war of words with another, stop and think – is this worth it or will keeping quiet be a better outcome. If someone is about to be hurt by your verbiage, stop – words hurt and memories last forever.
  50. Never stop learning – even if its a personal interest topic as opposed to formal education topic – in learning you can teach others – that’s a gift you can give for a lifetime.
Women will give you love and guidance unconditionally. We are the helpers to our girlfriends, daughters, sisters and mothers. We are the sisterhood. . Remember that your sisterhood will always look out for you – so always look out for them. Build your modern life tribe of women and learn lessons for your Soul.