Purpose - Do I Need One?


People are always looking for their purpose – their very reason for being. Billions of dollars are spent each year on courses, training materials and self help books. Most never go further than the bookshelf, desk or bedside table. Many are never read, never completed and certainly not implemented even though the information sounded interesting at the time. Right?

We have so much material available at our fingertips and yet we seldom seem to apply the knowledge gained. Why do you think that is? We obviously want to learn. We spend money on the product or service to help ourselves. We just don’t do anything with it.

Most people don’t have enough desire to set a plan of action and adhere to it. Maybe they don’t have vision? Maybe they don’t know how to set deep enough goals. Goals that inspire them. Imagine that?

According to Former President of South Africa, Nelson Mandela and I quote:

“Vision without action is just a dream, action without vision just passes the time, and vision with action can change the world.”

He clearly had vision. The “Rainbow Nation” was an incredible part of my lifetime. Nelson Mandela was my hero! I lived proudly and happily under his rule. He changed the world.

Life Happens:

I know, you have to work late, kids keep you busy, partners are demanding and deadlines are approaching. When you look again, 3 or 4 months have passed and the goal posts have changed and your course is just a distant memory. Your life purpose has been set aside for more urgent things.

Goal Setting:

At the beginning of each year we set our goals in all areas of our lives. We plan to live on purpose, with purpose. Within a few weeks we may not even have started working towards those goals and living on purpose has ground back to doing whatever it takes to make it through the day, the week or the month . Fear, doubt and failure set in. We begin to think we are not capable and often we end up with depression and doubt.


Goals take commitment. One needs a plan of action to make those happen. Each plan of action needs steps. Those steps need to start with bite size portions so one can build confidence and begin to see results. Small size chunks. It is easier to do this with a partner or guide. An accountability partner can work with you and keep you focused and inspired. Maybe you don’t need more books, courses and goals, maybe you need a life coach.

Get your free copy of my “Ta Da” list – certainly sounds more promising than a to do list. Right? All you need to do is vomit out (excuse the expression) all thats on your to do list for the day and then compartmentalize them, hit the priorities for the day and get on with your life. “TA DAaaaa” – it’s done.


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